Cottage Style

Cottage Style

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Short Visit to Bridgewater for the Church Supper

These are pictures of the Kid's Bed Room at our Lake House in Bridgewater. John and I made a quick trip there this past weekend. It was one of the first times we've been there by ourselves without kids. We were hardly there as we left early Sunday morning, but it was so rejuvinating for me. I got early and took a lot of picutres.

John and I decided at the last minute to drive to Bridgewater Saturday afternoon, so that we could go to the Bridgewater Methodist church Fall Supper and Auction. We drove in rain most of the way, but it was so worth it.
Of course I forgot to bring my camera to the church, but the meal was most wonderful. Fried Chicken, ham, green beans, mashed potatoes and gravy, sauerkraut and wieners and lots and lots of homemade salads and desserts with choice of drink all for only $7!! It was worth the 3 hour drive.
Later John and I helped out in the kitchen before the auction. The Auction is so wonderful everyone pays more to help the church. The Church ladies always make a beautiful quilt every year and there is a big assortment of hand made and home grown treasures. One of my favorites is this "ugly" rug that gets sold every year and then is returned again the following year to be sold again. This year it brought over $115! The auction is always worth a few laughs.
We left early Sunday morning so that we could get back to Iowa City to hear Jessica sing at our church. Even though we were hardly there... it was so relaxing to me. I got up early and took a bunch of pictures of the treasures in the house. I still love all the little vintage things everywhere. They just make me happy.

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