Cottage Style

Cottage Style

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Lake House It's All About Fun

This is an old real estate sign.. It thought it was fun since many time we spend our Sunday afternoon there and typically get ready to leave around 3 since it's a 3 hour drive back to Iowa City.
The Lake sign actually points to the direction of the Morman Trail Lake which is about half a mile from the house.

It's a Wonderful Life is one of my favorite movies of all times and one of my most favorite sayings. This sign is about the doorway going to the kitchen.

The is a huge Iowa Map. It's about 4 foot by 6 foot. I sent for it from the Iowa Dept. of Transportation and best of all it was Free!! We have it on one of our walls in the bedroom. It's really neat and we really use its. Especially when we are exploring the new southwest Iowa area around Bridgewater.

We we bought our little "lake" house in Bridgewater. I wanted a place where our family could go to relax and a place where I could decorate to show that spirit of relaxation and whimsy. Most of the rooms have signs that convey fun little messages.

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