Cottage Style

Cottage Style

Monday, June 13, 2011

Bridgewater Round-Up Days

My husband, daughter, and I were moving my son

into an apartment in Des Moines this past weekend

and decided to make the jont over to our beloved

little second home Bridgewater We pulled into town and were greeted with a marvelous surprise

The Round Up Days were going on that evening

We had missed the tractor parade, but we got

in on the dinner, evening entertainment, and BINGO!

We had a great time!

That evening my daughter and I walked over

to the church and my daughter (who is a Vocal

Performance Major at UofI) gave me a private concert

She may be putting on a Christmas Recital in Bridgewater

We were contemplating...

We love our little House

and had fun reminiscing

Farewell Bridgewater....until next time

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