Cottage Style

Cottage Style

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cottage Lake House Style

The Bridgewater Lake House is decorated in Vintage Cottage style. The first piece I ever bought for the house was the Cottage on the floor that now we store blankets in. I saw it a flea market and just had to have it. It was handmade for a doll house. The side roof flips open. I love the little porch on the front. The fun thing is that we didn't even have the house yet... just the dream of one.
I love anything with bright primary colors... especially kitchen wares.

These funny little salt and peppers were nabbed at a Garage Sale for a dollar. I thought they were so cute. Whimsy is the key at a Lake House... nothing should be too serious... it's all about fun and relaxation.

I love anything sail boat, lake house, or nautical...

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